Column covers are usually used to create a major focal point for a structure. These units may be broad or barely wider than the column itself and run vertically up a structure. They often conceal structural columns and may completely surround them at the ground level.

They typically are supported by the structural column or the floor and are designed to transfer no vertical load other than their own weight. The vertical load of each length of column-cover section is usually supported at one elevation and tied back at the top and bottom to the floors for lateral load transfer and stability.

Column covers typically are cast as single-story units, although units two or more stories in height can be cast to minimize erection costs and horizontal joints. They are cast in a horizontal position and rotated to their final position at the jobsite by the erection crew. The most common shapes are as a C or U shape, with matching halves covering the structural column.

The exterior three sides of the column cover can be finished in any way desired similar to an architectural precast concrete panel.

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