Architectural precast concrete wall panels can be strictly architectural, strictly structural or a combination of both. They can be placed in either a horizontal position, enclosing one story of a building per panel height, as often is done for multifamily-housing applications, or a vertical position, enclosing the full height of the building in one piece, as often is used for the exterior of a tall warehouse.

Typically, panels are 4 to 15 feet wide and 8 to 50 feet tall, depending on the application and benefits desired. They can be 5 to 12 inches thick, depending on whether they include embedded insulation (see Insulated Sandwich Wall Panels).

Wall panels can be made in a long-line pretensioning facility and reinforced with prestressing strand or cast in individual forms with either prestressing strand or conventional rebar. They are cast in a horizontal position and rotated to their final position at the jobsite by the erection crew.

Since wall panels are cast in a flat orientation, the form side is typically the side that will be exposed to view in the final construction. This face can be made with virtually any type of finish. The back face is typically troweled smooth or may have a light broom finish.

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