Spandrels are essentially perimeter beams that extend both above and below the floor and are used in a variety of applications, including structural support for deck components in parking structures and cladding on office buildings.

Depending on the application required, they can be cast in three ways:

  • Load-bearing spandrels with a ledge attached are used in parking structures to support double tees or in office buildings to support hollowcore slabs.
  • Load-bearing spandrels with pockets cast into them provide support for double tees, the ends of which fits into the pockets.
  • Nonload-bearing spandrels are used for cladding around curtain wall or glazing.

Spandrels can be cast in almost any size, with typical pieces ranging from 5 to 8 feet tall and 25 to 60 feet long. They are 5 to 12 inches thick, depending on the application.

They are cast flat with the side with the most prominent exposure cast down to form the exposed surface. They can be reinforced either with prestressing strand or conventional rebar. They can be cast in a long-line pretensioning facility similar to double tees or in individual forms.

The exposed face can be cast with virtually any type of finish. The back face is typically troweled smooth or may have a light broom finish.

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