Lite Wall

Light or “lite” walls are shear walls used in parking structures and are cast with an opening in their center to provide visual continuity and to allow daylight or artificial illumination to penetrate deeper into an interior. The walls create a feeling of openness and added security.

As with other types of shear walls, light walls serve as the lateral force-resisting systems in the structure. They act as cantilever beams, transferring lateral forces acting parallel to the face of the wall, from the superstructure to the foundation.

Light walls are cast in individual forms with either prestressing strand or conventional rebar. They are cast in a horizontal position and rotated to their final position at the jobsite by the erection crew.

Sizes and shapes can vary to satisfy both architectural and structural requirements. They usually are rectangular with a similarly shaped opening. They should be cast 12 to 16 inches wider than the stem-to-stem spacing of the supported double tees.

They are cast in a horizontal position, with three of the four sides created with a form. These finishes are very smooth and most often remain “as cast” in the finished construction. The fourth side is typically troweled to match the other three sides.

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